flash-tools is a set of Free Software utilities that allow you to flash and acquire data logs from Motorola P2k handsets.

  • flash-tool is a program which performs two main functions:
    • split a Motorola “one flash file” (1FF) into several binary files (one per codegroup) and a “catalog” file
    • perform the actual flashing over a USB connection
  • datalog-tool is a program that allows you to capture data logs on a handset.


flash-tools does not require any proprietary drivers, it uses the libusb library for USB input and output.

flash-tools is known to compile and run successfully both on GNU/Linux and Windows. Under Windows, you will need to make use of the LibUsb-Win32 library.


flash-tools may break your handset, so use it at your own risk. It is made available for educational purposes only and to document the way in which Motorola handsets are flashed.

Also, please note that Motorola software images are copyrighted so do not even bother asking me where to find them.


The latest release is flash-tools 0.4.1. You will find the list of changes in the ChangeLog file and installation instructions in the FAQ file..


flash-tools is copyright© 2005-2012 Jeremy Lainé. This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).