1.1 NAME

flash-tool - a flashing utility for Motorola P2k handsets


flash-tool [options]


flash-tool is a tool that allows you to flash Motorola P2k handsets. Flashing involves two steps:

  1. splitting a "one-flash file" into a catalog and a set of binary files
  2. flashing the catalog to the handset over a USB connection



flash a "catalog" to a Motorola P2k handset

This option performs the actual flashing over a USB connection. You must specify the "catalog" file to send to the handset. You can produce such a catalog from a "one-flash file" by using the -s option.


display a help message


split a Motorola "one-flash file", producing a catalog an several binary files

This option allows you to split a Motorola "one-flash file" (1FF) into a set of binary code files and a plain-text "catalog" file defining the base address of each code block.

"One-flash files" are files containing several code blocks that are to be flashed to a handset. Such files start with a formatted header and then contain the code in Motorola S-Record format, a plain-text representation commonly used to represent flash code.

flash-tool outputs a set of files containing binary code blocks called flashfile_RAMDLD.smg (the first code block, containing the RAM downloader) and flashfile_CGx.cmg (x is a number starting from 0). flash-tool also produces a "catalog" file that list the files containing the code blocks and the corresponding base address.


The author of this manpage is Jeremy Lainé <jeremy.laine@m4x.org>.