umts-tools is a set of Perl modules and utilities to manipulate UMTS (3G) terminals through a serial interface. Despite the name, most of the features of umts-tools also work with GSM (2G) terminals.

The target audience is both end users who wish for instance to send SMS or backup their phonebook and technical users such as operators and handset manufacturers wishing to perform tests on terminals.

Tools provided by umts-tools

The following scripts are distributed as part of umts-tools:

  • – tool for answering mobile-terminated calls
  • – tool to place mass voice calls
  • – tool for manipulating DRM FL and SD files
  • – graphic user interface for umts-tools
  • – tool for generating mutlipart/mixed WAP pages
  • – tool to read or write to the Terminal’s phonebook
  • – tool to send SMS messages in PDU or text mode
  • – tool for sending OTA configuration and more generaly WAP PUSH messages formatted in WBXML

Perl modules provided by umts-tools

Programmers can also use the Perl modules provided with umts-tools to develop their own applications. Below are some of the modules which make up umts-tools:

  • DRM::* – Perl modules for manipulating DRM FL and SD files
  • SMS::* – Perl modules for manipulating SMS PDUs
  • WSP::* – Perl modules for manipulating WSP headers/PDUs

Download umts-tools

The latest release is umts tools 0.9.4. You will find the list of changes in the ChangeLog file.

For a list of terminals that have been tested with umts-tools refer to the FAQ file.

For installation instructions, please refer to the INSTALL file.

Debugging facilities

umts-tools comes with various debugging facilities for testers and developers.

Verbose output

All the scripts allow you to activate verbose output by using the -d option.

Dummy terminal

umts-tools comes with a "dummy" terminal which can be used to simulate responses from a handset. Most commands allow you to use this fake terminal instead of an actual handset by using the -z option.

Pcap dumps

When sending data via the terminal in the form of PDUs, it can useful to have a dump of the PDUs which can be read with a network packet analyser. umts-tools provides such a facility, enabling you to save dumps to files which Ethereal can understand.


umts-tools is copyright (C) 2004-2012 Jeremy Lainé. This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).